Instantly improve employee performance and reduce bad hires Employee Ethics & Performance History Bureau

A major global Human Capital disruptor

Ineffective employee vetting and accountability are a major risk to your business

Review your employees' conduct and performance - a powerful reward and deterrent solution

Why StaffLife works like no other HR system

StaffLife is the world's first employer driven, employee data bureau. The benefits of a StaffLife Membership are staggering for almost any business with a few employees or more.

Without a central database, employers have never been able to establish previous employment history, nor hold their employees accountable beyond their current job.

References, CVs and other job-seeker generated documentation are usually unverifiable, inaccurate and misleading.

Current employees: invaluable ethics, conduct, culture and performance

Your current employees are given the option to opt into StaffLife. A positive record is an attractive prospect for valuable staff.

The effect of a negative Profile and reward of a Positive Profile is the ultimate incentive for most employees, motivating them to strive for the best.

StaffLife statistics* (employees/avg.)
improved conduct
93% of employers report positive results within 90 days and 78% within 30 days
improved performance
40% lower recruitment and HR costs within a 6 month period
increased talent retention rate
240% (up to) increased productivity in companies with poor culture and management

33% increase in productivity within 90 days
73% opt in to StaffLife, although that varies with staff quality and industry

New employees: preventing bad hires before they happen

If consumers were given the option of a credit profile, it's unlikely that irresponsible users would opt in, while those who value their credit history would.

Similarly, questionable job applicants who do not want their conduct and performance measured, evaluated or recorded are exposed by the StaffLife system (usually before the interview).

StaffLife statistics* (applicants/avg.)
of desirable candidates opt into StaffLife
91% of poor performers object to StaffLife
of undesirables prevented from joining your organisation
40% cut in unnecessary interviews

HR success in 3 easy steps

Become a StaffLife Member. Any registered business can join within minutes and approval within a few hours.
Print StaffLife consent forms for existing staff and new applicants to sign. Avoid applicants who refuse.
Review your staff monthly, quarterly or at your own intervals. Performance and conduct reviews only take minutes to submit.

StaffLife will do the rest for you. Your employees receive an alert each time their Profile is updated and regular reminders that they are part of StaffLife and their responsibility towards the Member. Our system does not require any changes to be made to your current HR processes. A simple PDF form is added to your process, usually presented to the applicant right before the interview.

Benefits for everyone!

Your business
  • Use StaffLife as an incentive instead of ineffective monetary rewards
  • Higher customer retention rates and improved customer service
  • The biggest expense (by a wide margin) for most businesses is human resources.
  • Our employee consent form protects your business (not only in terms of StaffLife)
  • Better: punctuality, motivation, attitude and employee retention
  • Reduce no-shows and insufficient notice periods
  • Prevent damaging, malicious public comments by disgruntled employees
  • Protection against employees that habitually take legal action against employers
  • Lower: absenteeism, aloofness, irresponsible behaviour and even theft
Your HR team
  • Higher retention rates mean less training and far better culture and team synergies
  • Data submissions are a powerful tool to assist HR's employee management
  • Simple to use dashboard with tick boxes for reviews and excellent Member support
  • Our employee consent form protects your business (not only in terms of StaffLife)
  • Assists HR in producing management employee performance reviews (if required)
  • Avoid unnecessary, lengthy interviews with candidates who refuse to opt in
  • Spend less time on disciplinary actions and improve relations between staff and HR
  • Lower HR costs allows to divert budgets into meaningful areas such as team activities
  • On average, it costs $40k to replace an employee (US) - reduce recruitment expenses
Your employees
  • Reward good employees with long-lasting positive reviews
  • Enable performing individuals to distinguish themselves from others
  • Create a transparent environment for employees with direct access to their Profiles
  • Better culture and morale makes employees happier at work
  • Increased accountability and rewards help employees strive to do their best
  • Clear reviews help your staff better understand where they need to improve
  • Avoid hiring the wrong employees who may be devastated to lose their job
  • Multiple systems protect employees against malicious/inaccurate Member reviews
Interesting facts and stats you may not know:

We guarantee results -
or we'll pay you up to $35 000

StaffLife is so effective, that we've decided to implement a guarantee unlike anything in human resources before.

Use StaffLife for 6 months, and if you are not absolutely convinced that StaffLife has transformed your business, we will reimburse you triple your fees!**

** Subject to the StaffLife guarantee policy. Claims are only accepted between month 6 and 7. Reimbursed Members are barred from joining again.

Members are free to hire any applicant who refuses to join StaffLife, although it is not advised.
*The statistics have been compiled using analysis and extrapolation of data provided by Members and Employees as of August 2017.